9310   From New York beneath alligatored shellac a diminutive eight drawer chest dating to the beginning of the 1900’s in black, blue and gold.  To the back of one drawer impressed is the date, June 30, 1906.  Most likely constructed from recycled wood it is nailed with wire brads and sporadic evidence of glue.  Including their original brass pulls the drawers are numbered in pencil with remnants of a child’s scribbles.  A transitional piece it is decorated with classic blue and gold scrolls with the distinctive horizontal and vertical intersecting lines common to the Arts and Crafts Movement.  Somewhat mysterious its true character is found in the intensity of its colors as they ebb and flow to the degree of available light.  A naïve gem by a capable hand known only as S. K. (initialed on the bottom) perhaps it was a presentation piece as its condition remains exceptional.  Size: 11.5"H x 10.5"W x 6.5"D   

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